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Welcome to the Government of The United States of America 1774-Present

sos1Great Seal as amended1





The office of the Secretary of State and the Department of

State for the Government of The United States of America;


phone: 1-774-327-9627

Thomas Frank Goudey

The Government of The United States of America,
RR 1, Box #2
Office of the Secretary of State for the Government of
The United States of America,
Global Postal Code-NAC:850H2 MR7C8


Office Holder Credentials


Welcome to The United States of America, 1774-Present. The Newly reformed Government of The United States of America.

The Government of The United States of America desires to do business with other countries. This site is like many sites where entities are posted and shows its existence and good standing.

Jurisdiction and Venue:

The United States of America is its own nation and country under the Law of Nations.


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Copyright Registration Service

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Government of The United States of America 1774-Present
  1. Thank you ! My signal is slow so I am too but Thank you sooo much . I have also been trying to spread the good word ,most people tho I I’m crazy and just try to tell me “you can’t ” well my Mom always said there is no such word as can’t and Thank you my friend Paul!!

    1. Hi there…i am in the same boat but in the process of fixing my status…my family thinks i need to be committed…

  2. I would like to know why on this page where in these two lines that the word Department, Government and United States of America are links to advertisements to buy some thing to make you rich?

    The office of the Secretary of State and the Department of

    State for the Government of The United States of America;

    These same Advertisements are on other pages,
    Why would a government put these kinds of add on their web suites?

    This is confusing,

    1. We didn’t, we have looked into it and can’t find the links you are talking about. We are not saying that they are not there, just can’t see them.

  3. I have noticed that these links are also on other sites I have been on today, So I have concluded that it has to do with the browser and a advertising company or just plan adware. thank you for the response.

  4. I want to have someone verify that I will receive any identification, passport or other item I purchase from this page. Also, passports I would like more information on these as to how accepted are they if they are not coming from the corporate US..? Weary, I have already been screwed -so I am being precautious. Plus I would like to be more involved in someway if applicable here in Colorado. Thank you for any response I may get.

    1. Working on it for here in Colorado! Up the mountain above Colorado Springs appx. 3000 more feet. My front yard is Pikes Peak and underneath me off to the side a bit is Norad.. as funny as that is. We want to absorb every aspect of the correct information for us to be able to fully execute our standing. Having one doubt or false information can be devastating. My husband and I are soon to take our oath to at least get this ball rolling so we can put Colorado on the MAP!

      1. Thank you I used to live in the Springs was married at Pikes Peak years ago ,My internet is sooo slow ,yes alot have you met Kerrie Stone we are working together now family,children ,education,self sustainability,and economic stability (Growth and Expansion ,Protectors of the children ! Nice to meet you Yes I care so much it is my Divine purpose in life ,Im a Survivor also but not like this beautiful brave young lady . Thank you so much

    2. Good luck on any investment of your time or money. I was involved with this circus and quickly realized that with Keith running EVERYTHING there’s no hope. Consider yourself warned.

      1. Hello Folks, this was Robert Alexander that just so happens to comment with disparaging comments today after we posted this video:

        There are going to be about 25 to 30 people that are sooooooooooooo jealous that others are not going to miss the boat like Robert did. Robert screwed up while he was here and to be honest, we forgot he was ever here because he made no contribution at all. If anyone wants a complainer, a whiner and an overall lazy person as a part of their organization, get a hold of Robert. He is so jealous and kicking himself right about now. He never started a county assembly nor tried to settle his State because no one wanted to work with him. Good Luck Robert. We wish you nothing but success in the future.

  5. The greatest gift you’ll ever receive here is freedom
    Freedom to be you. That works for me. PMA

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