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9 thoughts on “Proclamation on the opening of the Port of Entry of The United States of America
  1. This is the link given for leaving a comment on the assertion about international law supervening American national law. The opinion you cite is not that of a Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) justice, writing in either the majority or minority. It appears instead to be a bit of amateur (or as it is sometimes called, “jailhouse”) lawyering by a man who does not seem to have any law degree at all, one Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. who disingenuously styles himself “Counselor at Law, Federal Witness and Private Attorney General.” It would be interesting to know in what capacity he has been called as a federal witness by the real United States, that is to say the one established by the Constitution in 1789 to replace the weak and ineffective association cobbled together under the Articles of Confederation, which was incapable of dealing with the insurrection by the followers of Daniel Shays and the so-called Whisky Rebellion, and would successfully crush the slaveocracy of the south during its attempt to secede some eight decades later. (I am proud to say that my own great-great-grandfather’s brother was a cavalry captain in the Union army during that civil war.)

    I am glad that your little organization is not a haven for pedophiles and murderers. But I think you are deluding yourself in supposing that you are not in your way abetting sedition of the country of which you are in fact actual citizens by positing a bogus Bantustan within its territory. Only Amereindians have independent-nation status (and then only to a limited extent) within the United States of America as defined under its constitution. Anyone competent in constitutional law can tell you this in a heartbeat; you needn’t take my word for it.

    If you have a benign mission, then by all means incorporate as a 501(c)-(3) charitable organization under the laws of our country’s Internal Revenue Service. But don’t waste your time on quixotic Barataria-building. John the Baptist notwithstanding, the voice of one crying in the wilderness is generally heard only by prairie dogs and saguaro cacti. You have better things to do with your life — one of which should be a reading of the Federalist Papers, from whose pseudonymous author I take my own handle: Publius. Just sayin’.

  2. Dear commenter:
    It appears that your information or at least your point of view is a little distorted. You have this Government all wrong and your view of history is a little biased towards the Bank of New York Mellon and its policies. This would mean that we could prove that your statements are in the nature of treason against the United States.
    Believe it or not, the American Nationals are for the United States of which there are three different and distinct in existence. You need to go and ask your task masters because they are obviously holding some information from you that you are not aware of at this time. The original United States was never replaced by George Washington’s United States private company. (doc attached) That fact is something you will have to come to terms with in your own right. The Government of The United States of America’s legal standing has been well documented in International law and National law. Every Attorney always gives their resume when speaking, the fact is that anyone can start a private membership association under the 1st, 5th and 14th amendment and contract with a political party to enforce its laws. It does not take a genius to create something like that, however, to assume that one private membership association is superior in authority over another is a human rights violation. People had time to challenge and object when the claim was posted in the newspaper. A johnny come lately response or anonymous comment is notwithstanding.
    Your assumption that the Amerindians have exclusive claim to America is false because everyone was born here and in no way responsible for what happened before, in this country. Further, your claim is also an admittance that the Manhattan Island United States is an occupying force with no legal standing as a government, you defined it as a Military occupying force and therefore cannot claim citizens, so thank you for that second witness.

    The rest that was written was just prejudicial in nature so no need to respond. The OAS lawsuit in the “National” Human Rights Tribunal organized under Article 8 of the UDHR will continue as scheduled.
    Best Regards,

  3. I do believe there is a righteous path as described in the scriptures. Fact of the matter is our diluted and false teachings have led us astray from the truth, while protecting a select few allowed to walk the enlightened path of superiority above all others.

  4. “This fact has been proven over and over in the federal courts.” That’s nice. Post a link to any one of these federal court decisions so we can tell what the heck you’re talking about.

    1. Can you please tell us where you found that quote so it can be removed? This Government does not stand on federal court cases but sometimes those phrases do get placed in some writings and we have to remove them.

  5. To whom who reads this post,my question is about the naturalization process as far as the verification of good standing form,could that form on the the site be used or has to come from another source, all the forms I see are for corporations lol

    1. No, this Government created that form as a example. If you want to send another one, that is fine, it reads example in the title.

  6. SO by Declaring my Address, Location (NAC) additional Property on this site, is that essentially claiming to be a citizen of this Nation or What bearing if any does that have as far as altering my current status etc. i understand that it essentially removes me from the United States, but does that make me a part of this nation here or simply admitting to being on this Natural part of the land here in America

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