Naturalization Process: State resident Declaration

What to expect after completing the State resident Declaration?

After a State resident Declaration is completed, the office of the registrar for the Government of The United States of America will contact you via the email you provided in your State resident Declaration to inform you of the next steps in the Naturalization process;

You may expect to receive this email, in approximately seven (7) to ten (10) business days after you have completed the State resident Declaration;

For full disclosure of the process CLICK HERE! to read the Naturalization Act of 2013 as amended;

Current amendments in force start on page 8 of the act where it reads: “AMENDED ON February 12, 2018”;


State resident Declarations are valid for three (3) years from the date you completed your State resident Declaration;

If your intent is to continue with the Naturalization Process to become and affirmed and documented American National for The United States of America, there is a waiting period of a MINIMUM one hundred-twenty (120) days that commences once you have paid for the oath/ affirmation AND completed the Naturalization Worksheet (which will be sent to you via email) AFTER payment has been Accepted and Acknowledged by the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America;

Original Union State resident Declaration

Declaring residency within The United States of America, is the first step for an individual to begin the Naturalization and delivery of the PERSON back to the States of the Union from an offshore internal revenue trust either in the US Virgins Islands or Puerto Rico where your person was trafficked at the time you received the Social Security Number;

Click the Button for an introduction and further information regarding theĀ Original Union Resident Declaration;


By clicking on the “COMPLETE A STATE RESIDENT DECLARATION” Button, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and understand the “Introduction and further information regarding the Original Union Resident Declaration” presentation above;